Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle & Sebastian

Maybe it's a bit too late to make a 911 post, but here I am, making one. I'm not American. I wasn't in America when it happened. I was 4, a mere toddler with no knowledge of anything in the world. I remember the day it happened. It was around day time in Thailand, and I was watching tv with my Grandpa.
At first, I didn't know what it was, and how big an impact it would make. Honestly, I didn't really care. I asked my Grandpa what was going on, and my Grandmother was pacing around the room, worried. At that time, my uncles were living in America, and she called them to make sure they were okay.
I kept asking my Grandpa questions until he started to get irritated at me.
A few years later, I finally realized how big an impact that event was. Of course, none of us actually know what truly happened and the reasoning behind the attack. I've never been to New York before (I'm going there in a few weeks), but I really want to see the remains of the Twin Towers. The people's reactions. 10 years went by, and what has everyone been saying?
I recently finished a book called Love Is The Higher Law by David Levithan. In the book, it explores the aftershock affect of 3 teenagers living in New York City at the time of the attack. These 3 completely different people are brought together because of the event.
One of the main characters almost lost her mother to the accident. But then I thought to myself, what if I witnessed someone lose an important person in their life, or even be the witness myself? How would I react to this day, 10 years later?
10 years went by, and even though much has happened, the universe is still pretty much the same. Barack Obama became President, natural disasters, first Australian Prime Minister, suddenly everyone has iPods, Facebook, Michael Jackson's death, Osama Bin Laden's death, Amy Winehouse's death, swine flu, bird flu, I could just keep on going.
So here I am, across the world from New York. Not knowing, not hearing anything that happened. I could never know how bad it was. The world will never forget.

This isn't a very typical post, but yeah, I'll see you all soon.


  1. Wow, only 4!

    I was 14 and in Latin class (I'm American). It was pretty crazy, and pretty terrible. We got let out of school early. It was a very sad day.

    Good of you to write about it.