Cool Kids - Twin Cabins

I have been very busy lately - despite the fact that it's still technically summer. The school year's probably started for most of you guys (despite the preponderant amount of 'Advice for Highschool' videos featured on the youtube homepage). Well, after a summer-long movie marathon I have come up with an Ultimate List of some sort. These are the sorts of movies everyone should watch at least before they turn thirty. Or if you're already thirty, I hope you've seen at least half of these. I am aware of the fact that people have probably already seen most of these movies, but keep in mind that this is a sort of a reminder. A reminder to watch these every summer just for the sake of watching them every summer! I apologize but I can't be bothered writing a description for every movie for I'll just end up writing a thesis - so I've provided links. Also, take this as a substitute for a playlist - I didn't want to randomly make one up right now so this is what we've got!

Summer M.M.M (Movie Marathon Must)
Tip: Watch these in order


Oh! And other than that The Perks of Being a Wallflower is coming out in less than a month! The soundtrack came out a few days ago and can be downloaded here. Look out for a playlist coming soon!