Daydream - Beach Fossils

It seems as if I've been away for a century or so, but I have come back from the land of Forevergoneandalone with good news. I'm back! With internet running again, I should be posting more frequently than I was before. This means, more playlists, more movie reviews, and more rants! I have compiled a playlist I hope everyone relates to at some point in their life. Do you know that nostalgic feeling you get when you're on your bicycle/scooter/vehicle with two wheels and you pretend you're in a movie? This playlist is more effective when near the beach.


Bike Riding
1. Daydream - Beach Fossils
2. The Box - Johnny Flynn
3. The Purple Bottle - Animal Collective
4. Dreamy Eyes - Azure Blue
5. The Mountain Dogs - Stealing Sheep
6. Holiday - Capital Cities
7. All The Time - Lovett
8. Is This Love? - CYHSY
9. Where You Go - Elden Calder
10. New Daze - Cheerleader