Half A Person - The Smiths

I am in extreme fatigue, and I don't really know what to do right now. School just finished, and I feel so busy - still. Yesterday, I picked up my developed photos. They turned out pretty well, considering half the roll didn't even develop properly and it was a complete waste (that's what happens when you drop your camera on the ground). $8 later and I was bussing back to my laptop and tea.

I have started a new playlist just then, and I think I'll finish it sometime later tonight. My "quiet time" is around 1 am. It's when the room goes silent, and I can hear the wind from outside through my earphones. But then my night would probably end with me singing "Jean" in the toilet and brushing my teeth at 11.

Well the playlist I started making is called "Youth Tunes", and will include songs that give you that deep nostalgic feeling of being young and carefree (even though I still very much am). I just had the urge to make one of those really deep playlists instead of the rather pointless (but still meaningful) ones I have made in the past. I often enjoy inventing soundtracks for books that should be movies - like The Perks Of Being A Wallflower when it was still a book.

I'm so happy because (just yesterday, I think) Rookiemag.com was released! I already love it so much!

The photo from the left is from Rookiemag.com, photographed by Petra Collins. The right is unknown, I found it on tumblr.

Hopefully I'll post the playlist soon!

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