Homes - Orca Orca

Well isn't this a surprise - two posts in one week! Today's a Sunday so I spent the majority of my free time watching season what remains of Parks and Recreation. Today, I also watched the Stanford Prison Experiment documentary (the whole thing's on Youtube). This may seem oh-so-wrong in so many ways, but afterwards I ended up making a playlist about dancing. I'm not sure why, but the documentary kind of made me awfully calm. 

So here it is, my morally incorrect and inappropriately crafted playlist about dancing: 

The Future - Teen Daze
Holdin' On - Flume
Hot River - Yes Nice
Sirens (Slow Magic Remix) - Satellite Stories
Gasoline - Alpine
Brooklyn Sunburn - Teen Daze
Sunny - Marvin Gaye
Trip (Teen Daze Remix) - Vacationer
Don't Save Me - Haim
Bombay - El Guincho
Coral (Teen Daze Remix) - GRMLN

Just to make things clear, the picture is a screenshot from the movie Party Girl (1995). Here's a clip to my favorite voguing sequences EVER. 


Front Porch - Gloss

Truth is, winter is not my favorite season. Some people persist to believe that winter is the most cherish-able season of the year - oh, but it's not. Also, another thing in which I have been avoiding saying lately: I got nothin'. I'm starting to second guess myself (time wise), and whether or not I should be awarded The Worst Blogger Ever. Despite my serious problem, I can still say this: music's still good, tea's still good, everything's still good. Here's a playlist dedicated to all of you who need something to listen to so that you'll know that everything's still good and well. 

Go On
This Is How We Walk On The Moon - Arthur Russell
Face It - Beach Fossils
Find My Name in the Sun - And the Giraffe
Twin Cabins - Laika
Westside - Bye Bye Bicycle
Green Jacket - Deerhunter
Opus Orange - Nothing But Time
One of Us Cannot Be Wrong - Leonard Cohen

Sorry it's so short.