Shuffle - Bombay Bicycle Club

I know the photos are WAY out of scale, but I am still trying to figure out the solution to this problem and what I can do about it. Anyways, I really love these photos I found while browsing through Jak&Jil. I really love the color theme going on here. Really bright, vibrant colors. They contrast with the clothes. Anyways, it seems as if the Spring 2011 colors have been more pastel/soft colors. Or maybe I'm just being delusional and not very up-to-date.

Anyways, I have been quite bored lately. Spring is coming and it already feels like Summer. The weather was so nice today, and I had the urge to just walk around in my Summer uniform, even though the school insists we wear our Winter uniform for another 4 weeks of school. Until then, I spend my days reminiscing about Spring and how lovely the season is. There's just something about the season that makes me feel happy and joyful. I just don't like it when it's gloomy and raining all the time. I blame the weather for making me a less affable fellow to everyone else.
Well anyways, I'm getting very lazy so I really can't be bothered doing any song reviews. I plan to do some in the future!


Recharge & Revolt - The Ravoneottes

A few days ago I purchased the album Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not by the one and only Arctic Monkeys. They are my favorite band, and I now have 3 of their 4 albums. I usually download songs off the internet - despite my stinginess. But it was on sale for only $9! Besides, a lovely friend bought it for me using a voucher, so it was technically free. I've had the whole album on my itunes for a while anyways, but the quality was pretty shite.
So here I am, listening to the Smiths on a Sunday evening and trying to study. I have my SSATs' in exactly a month and I'm both nervous and anxious to take it. I get distracted extremely easily, and I can't seem to stop myself. I was also broswing through eBay looking for new white chuck taylors that are for sale under $50. Everything that seems to succeed all of my expectations end up having either 1) No shipping outside the US or 2) A shipping price over $10. I'll just have to wait till I go home and get even cheaper ones with no shipping prices or anything bizarre like that.
I've recently purchased a few clothing items but I'll post pictures later because I'm feeling very lazy right now (my laptop is on top of a stack of books). I'll continue my night, jamming to The Smiths and instant ramen at 7 pm. 

these two from http://gracemiceli.com
Where the Wild Things Are

photos borrowed from thestylerookie
Yes, this is the awkward ending I will always do. Night.

why hello there

Well this is supposed to be my first blog post. I would like to say, I’m not a very good blogger, for I have tried and failed multiple times and the blogs I try have always ended up in disappointing disasters. I don’t think I want to mention those blog names so yeah, I don’t want this one to end up like the other ones. My blog is looking a bit horrible right now, because I haven’t been using blogspot for a very long time and I kind of forgot all its functions.

So I’m sitting here, watching the first Princess Diaries by myself in bed on a Saturday night. It’s always been one of my favourite movies. I really don’t understand the point of making a movie adaptation from a book and then changing the whole plot. I’ve read the whole series (Yes, don’t judge) and I’ve watched both the movies. Some might argue that the books were great, but I don’t think I can agree. I liked the first one, but the sequel was a bit of a nightmare. I’ve always wanted to live in a city like San Francisco. They have trams just like Melbourne, but it seems much more - what’s the word – nice. Remember the keyboards with M&Ms’? The makeover? The sorbet? The ‘Princess lessons’? The ongoing joke on the finger broken off the statue? I think my eyesight has been permanently destroyed since I have been sitting here for an hour or so in the dark staring at my laptop. I’ve admired the movie for a long time, and I don’t think I can ever hate it despite its flaws.

Well yes, this is it my first post for this blog, and I don’t have anything else to say. I hope I everyone enjoys reading my blog!