Khushi - When You Start

Honestly, this past month has been a whirlpool. I haven't successfully fallen in love with any new musician, so I'm stuck listening to old stuff that I'm honestly becoming quite tired of. I guess I'm supposed to always be on the lookout for new shit or something...but I'm not sure what's happening. Lo-fi seems too banal, shoegazing is too noisy, typical alt is too typical, and electro is too expected.

But some positive news, check out Khushi. I'm not sure how long they've been around, but their music sounds like something that would be on the soundtrack of a sad coming-of-age movie about sad coming-of-age stuff - real nice. I definitely want them on the official soundtrack the My Life (20-whatever): Original Motion Picture. Of course, directed by Woody Allen and accompanying score written by Phillip Glass. Duh. Best movie ever.

Sorry for the crappy post. Here's a picture of the perfect family Halloween costume:

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