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I realized I should talk more about music since I've been contemplating a lot about actually writing about bands and different artists. You all know I have filled up that time with pointless rants, therefore making me Queen of Procrastination.

So yes, if you have not heard of the band Bye Bye Bicycle before, I suggest you stop reading this right now and just go to their page on Myspace. Once you have an idea of what they sound like, or if you can be bothered to read about me talking about them, stay.

Bands like Bye Bye Bicycle, The Young Friends, and French Films are bringing new wave back. These of course, aren't as known as other new wave bands like The Drums (that's all I can think of right now that have a similar sound). The beachy 60s' type sound, and the use of reverb just gives people that nostalgic feel that either makes you REALLY annoyed or REALLY nostalgic. Bye Bye Bicycle has a really dreamy sound in most of their songs, and really strong bass. Whereas, The Drums doesn't have much bass (up until their recent album, Portamento), and still have remained their signature sound.

I have only 4 songs by Bye Bye Bicycle, but have already fallen deeply in love with the band. They remind me of The Smiths in the song "Northpole", for some odd reason. Myself, a Smiths fan, knows and will always know that no band can replace Morrissey's dreamy vocals and their signature sound, but the first thing I thought of when I heard this song was The Smiths.

I hate bands who copy sounds from other bands, but I'm not trying to say that all bands have to sound different and as "individual" as they can because sometimes they just turn out sounding weird. Bands these days just start copying sounds off people, I won't name any just in case you readers like them and start to feel offended, but you know what I mean. That's why new wave is so awesome! It's because everyone can be whoever they want to be, but is still heard and has a relatively "sane" sound.

I haven't said much about Bye Bye Bicycle, but if you haven't checked them about because you can't be stuffed or if you just simply don't like them, thanks for sticking around.

ciao x

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