The Morning After ft. Anna Paul - LUUUL

Lately I've been spending a tremendous amount of time outdoors instead of being cooked up inside my bedroom in 90 degree heat. You guessed it, "spending time outside" = tanning. Everyone favorite summer past time is to go outside and somewhat attempt to tan (for those who burn, I apologize [Jergens is always an option]). Most choose to drown themselves in an interesting book, but although I do love reading, for me, tanning ≠ reading. So this is for all you folk who'd rather lie down and listen to tunes than risk having a book-shaped tan line on your legs.  This playlist has got your share of well known/i-guess-not-that-well-known tracks, enjoy. A little less lo-fi, a little more beats. And YES, two Flume mixes were et necesse. 

I Don't Burn I Tan
1. Keepitreal - FloFilz
2. Jacuzzi Floozies - Little Smoke
3. Tiny Tortures - Flying Lotus
4. Intuition - Cambio Sun
5. You & Me (Flume Remix) - Disclosure
6. Tomorrow - Future Islands
7. I Love You - Woodkid
8. Naked - Balue
9. Higher (Flume Remix) - Ta-ku
10. Milano - Summer Heart
11. Dawn - Voyager
12. Move On (Teen Daze Remix) - Garden City Movement

Cover art via tumblr

I've made this playlist available for download hereEnjoy, and don't burn. 

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