You Took Your Time (ft. King Krule) - Mount Kimbie

YESSS! I finally got the new Mount Kimbie album! But never fear, my friends, scattered tracks are also on their soundcloud to everyone's convenience. Ok fine, admitting that the only reason I got into Mount Kimbie was because of King Krule IS sort of painful, but seriously, who could resist their mesmerizing beats? Of course, King Krule's slurred "guuuuurl"s' are a surprisingly subtle addition to the usual Mount Kimbie aesthetics. 

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1. Home Recording
2. You Took Your Time (ft. King Krule)
3. Break Well
4. Blood and Form
5. Made to Stray
6. So Many Times, So Many Ways
7. Lie Near
8. Meter, Pale, Tone (ft. King Krule)
9. Slow
10. Sullen Ground
11. Fall Out

I love the record so much I am so tempted to go out and hunt down a tangible version of the album. But just like every other album, I have favorites, which are in bold up above in the tracklisting. I am literally counting down the days until Krule's first full album's release in August (exact date yet to be confirmed). But yes, so psyched for Six Feet Beneath the Moon, so so psyched. 


  1. I have never heard of Mount Kimbie. But now I know, and I LOVE!!

  2. i'm gonna check it out~
    and you know, i like king krule, so i think it might be interesting

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  3. Great blog, so I'm a new follower on GFC =)

  4. Gonna check this out right now because you make it sound so rad. Love your blog style :) x