Front Porch - Gloss

Truth is, winter is not my favorite season. Some people persist to believe that winter is the most cherish-able season of the year - oh, but it's not. Also, another thing in which I have been avoiding saying lately: I got nothin'. I'm starting to second guess myself (time wise), and whether or not I should be awarded The Worst Blogger Ever. Despite my serious problem, I can still say this: music's still good, tea's still good, everything's still good. Here's a playlist dedicated to all of you who need something to listen to so that you'll know that everything's still good and well. 

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This Is How We Walk On The Moon - Arthur Russell
Face It - Beach Fossils
Find My Name in the Sun - And the Giraffe
Twin Cabins - Laika
Westside - Bye Bye Bicycle
Green Jacket - Deerhunter
Opus Orange - Nothing But Time
One of Us Cannot Be Wrong - Leonard Cohen

Sorry it's so short.


  1. i agree. winter gets old fast. also BEACH FOSSILS <3 great playlist.

    1. I sometimes wonder what would happen if winter was shortened to a week. And thanks!