Scaly Eyes - Balue

Okay, I have to be honest here. I've been putting off writing a new post for a while, and my only excuse has remained the same. "You don't have enough new music". That statement has proved to be untrue. Within the past few months of rebuilding my iTunes library, I have discovered a preponderance of new bands and songs by bands and artists I already know. 

I can't spell, apparently. 

So to the point. First, there's Balue, whom I'm listening to now. Paradoxical Intention, which is also the title of their newest album, is a great song with backings of what sounds like Robin Williams. Not to mention all the other amazing songs on their 14-song album (wow!). After listening to their entire album, I wouldn't quite put them in the lo-fi category just yet. There's a certain psychedelic feel to their songs with the oh-so-perfect vocals of the lead singer, who I believe is the only member in this band! This reminds me of early Beach Fossils, with Dustin Payseur playing all the instruments needed for his album as well as providing great vocals for the tracks. 

Despite the bleak-ish, mellow, weather I have made a playlist of songs everyone needs to sit in your bed with a good book, tea, and relax. Perfect for a chilly Sunday afternoon. 

Smooth As Fuck

UPDATE: I made a playlist for this playlist (?) with a slightly altered tracklist.


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