Montana - Youth Lagoon

Don't get me wrong, I know I've been missing for a few months (primarily due to my lack of time and peace and quiet to write a decent blog post). I will be posting some more film reviews in the near future, since I have been excessively watching good old movies (and bad new movies). Sitting in my room watching Brat Pack films have been inexplicably satisfying. Meanwhile, reading Rookie has also automatically been added into my daily schedule. That is: wake up, check Rookie, re-watch Portlandia for the hundredth time, pointlessly waltz around my room for a few hours, visit my grandparents, etc., etc.

watching movies like this, lol. tumblr


And just another playlist, even though it was made a while back, but a playlist is a playlist! Also, I was thinking about making mediafire downloadable files for my playlists. Hmm, something to ponder about for the next few weeks. 

Some Dreamy Stuff
1. Air - Snakadaktal
2. Icarus - White Hinterland
3. Open Eyes (Demo) - The xx
4. Song for Reinier Lucassen's Sphinx - Trouble Books & Mark McGuire
5. It Gets Dark - 1,2,3
6. Go Outside - Cults
7. Chimera - Snakadaktal
8. Caverns - Hundred Waters
9, Montana - Youth Lagoon
10. Intro - The xx

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