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I've really been getting into different types of musicians these days (due to the lack of daytime activities, and well, good wi-fi). So, apart from the playlist-a-post thing I always do, an addition has been made to this post! Truth is, I am extremely bored. So here we go,

A screenshot from her "Oblivion" music video

Now I know that Grimes has been around for quite a while (this meaning, a few months in the lamestream), but there's just something about her music that's so mesmerizing yet meaningful, in a way. I think it's the pink hair and the pro-feminist way she infuses her lyrics with bubblegum pop beats. After stalking Grimes on youtube and several other websites, I have come to realization with many fun facts about this songstress. Those of you who have heard her music may be familiar with her lispy high-pitched singing voice. After watching an interview, I realized that she actually has a really deep, hoarse, talking voice! (Fun facts over). Despite the girl-power reverb-ness of her songs, her lyrics aren't as cute and lispy as we assume it to be (to those who actually listen to what the words are, let's be friends). That's one thing about music these days - the lyrics. One could be listening to a thrash-metal song and not realize that the lyrics are actually about eating rainbows and sharing a milkshake with your lover. That sentence was totally irrelevant, sorry. Her vocals sometimes reminds me of the female vocals in Gang Gang Dance songs. 

THE VERDICT: I would love to meet Grimes and discuss philosophical topics like why everyone isn't as awesome as she is. She's a one-woman artist, and she's fracking rocking it! So Grimes, even though your real name is Claire (and John Bender thinks it's a fat girl name), love your sick beats, your dreamy vocals, and your hair.

King Krule, tumblr

Zoo Kid a.k.a King Krule a.k.a Archy Marshall's deep vocals are often classified as "thuggish". I reckon he's got vocals of a baritone God. Honestly, my first impression of Archy was: "It's Tin Tin!". What I didn't know was I was so, so wrong. The guy's only seventeen, but has so much talent in him that I'm scared he will be soon part of the dreaded 27 club. I have been addicted to his raw, undeniably catchy music for the past few weeks, listening to "Out Getting Ribs" on repeat. I think I already have nearly 200 plays on that song. I'm sorry if this post seems a little drafty, but there's just so much to say about Archy Marshall that I'm not able to put it into readable sentences. His mad guitar skills are just to die for, and not only does he sing, he also raps! As multiple articles about Archy have said, he is going to blow up one day (and unfortunately, eventually travel down the lamestream journey Grimes is packing for *sighs*).

THE VERDICT: I fell in love with this guy's voice the moment I heard it, so just, thank you so much for making music for me to fall in love with every time I hear it. Even tracks that don't have vocals are beautiful. The reverby-ness is just so amazingly produced. I will one day watch Archy perform when he's famous and decides to tour around in obscure parts of the world. 

Okay, now a short little playlist I made especially for those who like getting pumped up for things like eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, having a late night stroll, nothinginparticular, etc. So pretty much great beats for daily use. 

Here's a photo of Fred Armisten from Portlandia that pretty much sums it up

Loud Pipes - Ratatat
Shove It - Santigold
Oblivion - Grimes
Feel It All ARound - Washed Out
Talamak - Toro Y Moi
Time Go - Caught A Ghost

Also, we recently bought a new scanner so I might scan some cool clippings and make collages and other magical stuff and post them here!


  1. Loud Pipes is such a feel good song for me. I discovered Grimes a few monthhs ago and have been a fan, she recently stopped by my city for a concert at a festival and I am so mad at myself for not going. x_x Youth Lagoon was also there. Another stab at my heart. blaah.

    Great tunes