Border Line - King Krule

Okay, I know I've mentioned King Krule in nearly every single post this month, but I'm sorry...I can't help it. Ever since I discovered him a year ago, I have been completely infatuated with the music he has been making, old and new. 

2 days ago he revealed via facebook that his new album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon would be available for online streaming on his website. After some digging around, I realized that pitchfork has also revealed this Easter egg for KK fans. So guess what I've been doing non-stop for the past day.

After pre-ordering the album on amazon (which everyone can do from the link given on the webpage while watching the streets of London from a live CCTV feed and listening to 6FBTM), I have decided to review it. Is it too soon? It's not even released yet? But who cares, clash has already beaten me to it and I've already fallen completely in love with it. 

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6 Feet Beneath the Moon
1. Easy Easy
2. Border Line
3. Has this Hit?
4. Foreign 2
5. Ceiling
6. Baby Blue
7. Cementality
8. A Lizard State
9. Will I Come
10. Ocean Bed
11. Neptune Estate
12. The Krockadile
13. Out Getting Ribs
14. Bathed in Grey

Okay if you haven't seen the videos released on his youtube channel, go watch them and be completely mindfucked by the cover art madness. 

Them come back and read this. Or whatever. The order doesn't really matter anymore. First of all, 5 of the 14 tracks are old ones from his early album U.F.O.W.A.V.E. (kudos if you knew this). This includes the good ol Zoo Kid-dayz tracks like "Out Getting Ribs" and "Baby Blue". But he's taken those old tracks, reworked ALL OF THEM, and created a mass eargasm experience. The reworked tracks are obviously different from the original ones, incorporating his new beats and aesthetics into the static-ey originals. It's up to one's opinion as to whether they prefer an old track or the new reworked ones, but in all honesty they are all so enjoyable there's no choosing for me. Because you can hear his dog barking in "Has This Hit?" and that's so chill. 

I haven't even gotten to talking about the new tracks. The real gems. From the intro, "Easy Easy", to the outtro, "Bathed in Grey", there's a constant factor of coolness that is present in all the songs. The lyrics shouldn't be lyrics to songs, but compiled in a book of poetry. 

So yes, beats are still sick, lyrics are still good, and everything still completely authentic and cool. I give this album a 10/10 (yes, I am completely aware that my opinion probably doesn't matter in the music world but who gives a shit).

Have a great night.

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  1. I only listened to king krule about a month ago it blew my mind x