Got Something For You - Best Coast and Wavves

I have been on a very long break from everything. I have a fair amount of things to say in this post, so here we go:

First of all, it's Christmas. Even though I'm not a very Christmas-ey person, I've attempted to compile a list of songs about Christmas by searching in my iTunes the word "Christmas". I found nothing. The only song I could think about on the top of my head that was about Christmas but didn't have the word "Christmas" in the title was, this one - the one that now holds the title of this post. Yes, I didn't get a Christmas present because my parents are very Asian and very Buddhist. Yes, we pretended that a banana tree in our backyard was a Christmas tree. And yes, I sent out Christmas letters to my friends who live all over the globe.

Gremlin from Tumblr

Secondly, Google now sings to me. I've been on Google for the past hour or so, playing with the little colored buttons that I find extremely fascinating since I've always thought Google has been failing to become the least bit interesting (this has proven me wrong!).

Lastly, I have found new bands and new songs that are to be posted in the near future (I promise!!). So for now, Merry Christmas everyone, and have a lovely, lovely one.


  1. such a lovely update <3

    let' s visit our blog

    xoxo k&m

  2. man you are doing might fine :) Digging all your playlists, keeps my life classy and splendid.
    Keep up with the good work alright?